The San Antonio Green Market is located on Saddle Road, near Cutucupano Road in Upper Santa Cruz. It is a weekly Saturday market, open from 6am -2pm.

The Green Market aims to encourage relationships between producers and consumers, and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.  Garden grown goodness . . . Taste the difference.

ā€œGā€ stands for green, garden, goodness, growth and so much more! 

The Green Market offers a mix of fresh produce (unusual indigenous fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seasonings), specialty foods (pastelle, payme, cocoa powder, goat's milk), and artisanal items (garden art, stained glass, wooden bowls and platters, handmade soaps and more). The best part? Offerings vary week to week so every Saturday you can find something new.  

Enjoy good food and drink, amble through the lush landscape, watching the hummingbirds and butterflies in full acrobatic form or find a shady spot to meet up with friends and lime. The "G" experience is whatever you make it!